Speed Networking

Speed NetworkingWe offer a unique format to meet investors or corporate partners such as ad agencies, ad networks, media and entertainment executives, tech partners.

The first session is 3 Minute Networking

This 3 minute format gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet  investors or partners one-on-one.

Investors include: Angels, strategic, corporate, VCs, and investment banks.

This program is for entrepreneurs with DELUXE ticket holders only.  Any investor or corporate partner who agrees to be part of the program receives a free ticket.  

How it works:

  • We distribute in advance the bios of investors on our website and at the event.
  • The INVESTORS and PARTNERS are seated at tables with a table card that gives their name, their firm, and their firm’s focus.
  • Entrepreneurs get in line to speak with the investor of their choice.
  • Each entrepreneur gets 3 minutes at the front of the line to speak.
  • When the timer hits zero, the “session” is over.
  • At the end of all the sessions, we will prepare and publish a list of which companies the investors or partners are inviting for  follow up meetings. If you are one the list, you are encouraged to contact them for follow up in their offices at a later date.
  • The entrepreneur then lines up to speak with another investor or partner of interest.