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Angel Launch Investor Forum

Contact Us: 310 621-6850

Connected Cars: Apps. Platforms, Technologies and Investing
May 5, at SK Telecom Ventures Sunnyvale
Panel, venture forum, Demo Showcase.
Hosted by Sensors Expo and Angel Launch.
Learn about new tech trends, venture pitch, and marketing strategies.

Vator Splash Spring 2016, May 12, Oakland
Learn from 50 high-profile Founders, CEOs, VCs!
Tickets only $42.50 with code “angellaunch15″!  Get early bird tickets here,
It’s their largest to date with 1,000 expected at the awesome Scottish Rite Center in Oakland.
About 50 seasoned executives will be on board to share lessons learned on scaling, fundraising, innovating!

Some prominent speakers include: Andy Dunn (CEO, Bonobos), Bambi Francisco Roizen, (Founder and CEO, Vator), Libby Schaaf (Mayor, City of Oakland), Mitch Kapor (Founder, Kapor Center for Social Impact), Oisin Hanrahan (Co-Founder & CEO, Handy), Nigel Eccles (CEO & Co-founder, FanDuel ), Jed katz, (Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners), Sarah Leary, (Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Nextdoor), Erik Rannala, (Co-Founder & Partner, Mucker Capital), Eric Setton (Founder & CEO, Tango), Ezra Roizen, (Managing Director, Vator Investment Club), Brett Wilson (Founder & CEO, TubeMogul), Paul Martino (Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital) and many more TBD.

Singular Research Investment Conference (Partner)
Best of the Uncovereds

June 9 San Francisco Hilton
Free Admission for Investors; Public and Private Companies Present

BIO PARTY  San Francisco
June 6-9  Atending Bio on Life Sciences?

Sensors Expo Hall and VENTURE FORUM
June 22-24 2016 San Jose Sensors Expo
Meet investors and pitch for unds
5500 Engineers and 250 Exhibitors

Startup World May 4 SF
This is an event for all types of start-up companies who are looking for funding. It’s going to be an exciting, jam-packed day with plenty of opportunities to pitch to investors. You’ll also have time to network with investors and your peers. We have a fabulous investor panels, investor presentations, investor coaches and attendee participation.

We just need you to close the deal! Produced by VC Task Force.

Project Kairos, May 10 – 12, Santa Clara Convention Center
 Save 15% using discount code ANGEL15.
Showcase your startup to 10,000 tech professionals and Connect  with
the RIGHT investors from 500 Startups, Maveron,  Spark Caoital,
or the 200 others attending the show.
Learn more on how you can exhibit and be setup to meet w/ investors 1-2-1.

Seed Stage Elevator Pitch
April 26 | San Francisco

Blockchain Symposium
June 9,  Redwood City  Save 25% with code angellaunch297
  • Blockchain (distributed ledger) technology is not just for financial transactions!
  • Learn how distributed ledgers can be used in other industries, besides currency and finance. 
  • Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology, which is used by Bitcoin, can facilitate and secure Smart Contracts, Internet of Things (IoT) device management, Chain-of-Title, and Medical Records.
  • Leaders in the industry will illustrate their solutions and opportunities in the market.  
  • There will also be panel discussions on what it takes for solutions to be successful and how this new and exciting technology can be applied for data integrity, trust, accessibility, and more.
  • Our events bring together technology people and business people to promote increased understanding and business opportunities.
  • The audience is expected to include investors, developers, industry experts, researchers, managers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Newly launched startups
  • Mid stage startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders and CEOS
  • Developers/Engineers
  • Business Development/Strategy
  • Consumer
  • Enterprise
  • Analysts
  • Investors
  • Angels
  • Press/analysts
  • Tech and corporate execs