About Us

Angel Launch is a new brand created by the producers of iHollywood Forum.  For 11 years, we have produced programs in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and during trade shows such as NAB, CES, GDC, E3 EXPO,  NATPE, or CTIA.  The sessions address key topics facing entrepreneurs in business and tech ventures.  Each program has a panel discussion and dinner for networking and small group discussion.

Startup Venture Summit is our newest conference vision designed to connect entrepreneurs and investors for tech, retail and small business owners across the board in all sectors.  Our first conference held on Nov 27 2012 in Los Angeles was a huge success. View details here.

iHollywood Forum, Inc. based in Los Angeles, was founded in 2001 by Zahava Stroud.  We are the leading producer of conferences and forums on digital and wireless entertainment. Our cutting-edge conferences consider topics such as online music and film, mobile entertainment, IPTV, digital cinema, games, interactivity in television, marketing and advertising, and much more.  e offer diverse opinions on the most compelling issues facing the industry, with a particular emphasis on discussing the viability of new business models.

Zahava Stroud  graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Sociology, and UC Davis Law School in 1985, also joining the California bar in 1985. She practiced law in Los Angeles as a trial lawyer and business litigator for 18 years before founding iHollywood Forum.  iHollywood Forum has thousands of members, supporters and attendees from across the globe. We host mixers, breakfasts, conferences, and workshops that have attracted thousands of attendees and connected entrepreneurs, investors and established companies.   Many of the startups who attend our events have secured funding from people they met; found jobs or employees; and some became acquired.

In 2008, we decided to expand our scope of connected entrepreneurs and investors to markets other than Hollywood, content and digital media. We launched an exciting new series for executive discussion and deal making  for all types of entrepreneurs in diferent vertical markets, not just related to media and entertainment.  Our attendees are thought leadership executives who include entrepreneurs, investors, corporate employees who crave intellectual and thoughtful conversation in an elegant setting to lead to business deals.

As we progressed in 2012 with the rapid growth of startups, we realized that entrepreneurs needed  resources, education, live events, and  and guidance on how to secure angel investors, so we created Angel Launch as our next venture.

We also produce dinners, parties, product launches, product showcases, and networking mixers where guests  mingle with senior executives and then engage in dinner conversation in round tables.   Many major deals are generated by relationships made at our events.

We offer forums for diverse opinions on the most compelling and controversial issues facing the industry, while emphasizing the viability of new business models. Their conferences and seminars typically attract 200 to 1,000 professionals for high-level deal making.

We develop our programs to attract meetings at mid- to upper-level executives, ensuring that their sponsors’ prospects are highly qualified.  Furthermore, we attract the best in class industry leaders to speak at events, which leads to routine sellouts and national press coverage.