Venture Forum Details

August 2: Startup Venture Selection in Palo Alto  1pm-6:00pm
August 23: Startup Venture Summit and Venture Forum, PayPal San Jose

On August 22, we will hold the Venture Forum Selection at a law firm in Palo Alto from 1:00pm to 6:00 where 40 startups can pitch panels of investors.  This will be follwed by our summit kickoff party.  Each company will pitch from 3-6 minutes followed by comments and questions from judges.

The judges will score the startups, and the top 10 selected startups will pitch at the summit on August 23.  The venture pitch sessions in breakout rooms during the conference where startups can pitch to panels of investors.

Because we recognize that many startups are bootstrapped, we do not charge a fee to apply or present.  However, you can select options for additional promotion and benefits for a fee.  We have several venture pitch sessions for different tracks throughout the event.

Startups are selected in advance to pitch.  Each selected startup has 5 minutes to pitch a panel of investors, followed by 5 minutes of questions, comments and from judges.  The judges will consist on venture capitalists, angels, strategic investors and investment banks.

We are seeking both early stage, newly launched, and mid stage startups with new products or services in mobile services, social media, digital media, web services, IT, next generation Internet, and  apps, health and wellness, and clean energy.

The selected presenters will pitch to panels which are  judged by Silicon Valley and Southern California’s leading venture capitalists, incubators, angel investor, strategic investors, media, entertainment and tech influencers.

Here are categories:
(1) Launch Venture:  Startup is in beta mode and About to Launch
(2) Startup Venture: Startup less than one year old, is live and launched but still in  startup mode
(3) Mid stage Venture:  Established midstage startup with solid track record that is launching new products or services

The deadline to apply is July 20 2013. Apply on next page.

The  judges will then score each company on different criterion.  The three companies with the highest scores will pitch to the entire audience at the end of the day; and the audience will select the startup most likely to succeed.  We will also issue a press releases featuring the winning companies.

Submissions are now open for startups to enter their company’s newest products and services for a chance to present to investors. This will be a high profile product launch platform in Los Angeles for startups from around the world with investors from California and many other locations.

THERE IS NO FEE REQUIRED TO APPLY OR PITCH.   We recognize many startups have a limited budget to pitch, so if selected we offer you an option to pitch at no charge. However,  we offer additional options for a nominal fee. 

If selected to pitch, these are options you can select:

(1)  Basic Pitch, No Fee.
You will get access to one hour to your pitch session only.
3 minutes to pitch and 3 minutes of judges comments.
Company name listed in program guide with 40 word description
You will NOT not have access to other sessions, meals, networking, or demo table.
You will have 10 minutes to network at conclusion of session.

(2) Deluxe Pitch $295 :
4 minutes to pitch, and 4 minutes of comments.
One deluxe ticket which includes all sessions,  meals, cocktail party
Listing in program guide with 100 word company description
Demo table in the product showcase.
Advance press list
Additional tickets available at  discount

(3) Premier Pitch $495 :
6 minutes to pitch, and 6 minutes of comments.
Listing in program guide with 100 word company description
You can choose which panel of judges for your pitch
Two deluxe tickets which includes all sessions,  meals, cocktail party.
Demo table in the product showcase.
Advance and onsite event attendee list (names, companies, titles) where you can request up to three contacts in advance to set up meetings
Advance Press List
Additional tickets available at a discount