Startups Apply to Pitch


STARTUP SUBMISSION FORM INSTRUCTIONS:There is no charge to apply. Copy the section below, and include answers under each section. THE DEADLINE IS NOV. 8 BUT WE WILL ACCEPT STARTUPS ON A ROLLING BASIS SO APPLY NOW.  Selected startups will pitch to panels of investors for 3-6 minutes followed by comments from judges. The judges will score each session, and top three winners will be announced at end of day.If you are selected to pitch in the venture forum, there is no fee to pitch for that session. We recognize startups have a limited budget, so you  will receive a ticket to attend the pitch session only at no charge.

If you decide to attend other sessions, networking events, meals, cocktail party, host an exhibitor table,  or private meetings, then you can purchase a ticket.  This process helps us to cover the high costs of producing this event and attracting investors.

Submit a one page email with the INFO CONTAINED BELOW and send to
with “Pitch” in the subject line. Please use complete paragraphs.
 If you do not get a response within two days showing receipt, please call us at: 310.736.1541, to confirm our receipt.

If you are selected, we will send you suggestions for the Powerpoint Slide deck topics.

Please indicate your type of startup;
Digital Media and Consumer E
lectronics: Digital media: entertainment, games, mobile, IPTV, web services, software, hardware, social media, devices, music, video, consumer electronics, TV, film, networking and applications, ecommerce, web services, mobile and wireless.

Information Technology:
  Infotech: services, software, Cloud services, hardware, enterprise, business products and services, financial services, mobile and wireless, telecom

Mobile and Wireless, telecom, telephony,
unified communications, VOIP, consumer and enterprise software, applications, networks, hardware


  1. Indicate which panel you seek to pitch. You must choose one category since we have separate panels:(1) Funding to pitch investors OR
    (2) Distribution Partners or Clients to pitch partners
  2. Company name and website; and category you fall into based on tracks listed at right column.
    If none of those tracks, just skip.
  3. Company address
  4. Contact person name, title, phone and email and second person in charge.
  5. Funding Stage:
    Founders, Number of Employee, and Management Team Bios
    A full time passionate and committed management team that has invested their own capital in addition to their career opportunity cost. While it is not expected that the company have a complete management team, the current team should
    have minimum of two individuals.
    Additionally, the assembled team should identify which members they are missing and be prepared to discuss identified candidates
  6. Company Formation Date
  7. Proposed Presenter
  8. Complete Description of Product or Service and Business Model
  9. Identification of business model and description of how the company makes money.
  10. Market Potential and Benefits to Industry:
    A large addressable market and clearly stated pain/problem for this market.
    Give evidence of customer demand through active sales prospecting and funnel management, purchase orders, letters of intent, letters of commitment, or actual shipped/invoiced sales supported by market research.
  11. Benefits to Industry:
    Where Product Fits In with Existing Market
  12. Partners or Customers:
    A contract, agreement, relationship, joint venture, partnership or capacity to manufacturer or distribute the product or service.
  13. Key Investors, Amounts Funded, Current Funding Status and Amount Sought, Summary of status of Proforma financial statements
  14. Potential Competitors:
    Competitor Analysis and documentation of competitive differentiators. Please do not say you don’t have any; every company has some form of competition.
  15. Exit Strategy:
    A defined exit strategy/return for the Angel Fund including but not limited to share repurchase, rents, dividend, principal and interest payments, merger/acquisition or IPO.
  16. If you won any awards or recognition at past startup competitions, venture forums, or received positive press coverage, please mention the award name and date, or include links to news articles or press coverage.