One on One Meetings

Speed NetworkingAll presenting companies, investors, sponsors and higher level exhibitors will have access to arrange meetings.  The meetings are designed for presenting companies and investors.   You will receive a list in advance, and we use software for you to request and arrange meetings. You must sign up in advance, based on first come, first served.

Breakout Room After Pitch Sessions
After each pitch session, you will go to a nearby breakout room with tables. You can continue meetings with investors informally.

Private Prescheduled One on One Meetings
All presenters can preschedule 20 minute private one on one meetings with investors.  We provide a meeting room with a round table, and your company clearly displayed.   Investors will receive advance lists of meetings . And of course you can use your table for spontaneous meetings  on the spot.  We provide an automated system where you can request and arrange meetings in advance.

Here is how it works:

One week before event we will provide a list of attendees thru our software program to all registered investors and presenting companies.  The investor list will consist of VCs, angels, strategic, corporate investment banks, incubators and high net worth individuals looking for investments in startups and public companies.

You will then contact those attendees for meetings, and the software program will arrange a meeting time.

Presenting companies will receive a round table with four chairs in the meeting room, along with a number and company name so the investor can find you.  You will have access to your table during the entire day; and are free to arrange your own meetings or on site meetings.

This program is often the highlight of the event since you can provide data to specific investors.