Agenda Track Two

Topics for Track Two:
Clean Tech, Green  Tech, Cloud Computing, IT, Enterprise. SaaS, Marketing and Sales, Health, Wellness, Fitness

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8:00 – 9:00 | Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 – 9:30 | Keynote: Top Trends for Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Startups.

9:30 -10:15 | Panel: Green Tech Innovation

10:20-10:50 | Fireside Chat-Big Data

10:50-11:10 | Networking Break

11:20-12:20 |  Success Stories: Investors and Entrepreneurs Perspective on Selling Their Companies

Hear firsthand experiences of successful investors and entrepreneurs that sold their companies. Learn about how they developed a revenue strategy, worked with management team, attract a purchaser, negotiated deal terms, and valuation.  Entrepreneurs discuss how they raised capital, their challenges and opportunities, how they attracted customers, and sold their companies for millions of dollars.

  • How does an early-stage entrepreneur break into the angel and
    investor circle if they don’t have an high-level Silicon Valley network?
  • How do you compare access to capital in LA and the bay area?
  • How did you improve your skills and pitch to match what investors  were looking for?
  • What do you wish someone had told you in advance or that surprised you?
  • How did you manage your company if raising funds is a full time job?

12:30 -1:30 | Networking Lunch  and Keynote

1:30-2:30 |  Breakout Sessions and Seminars

Venture Pitch I : Green tech, Clean Tech, Energy
Six selected  startups pitch panel of investors. Each pitch is 4 minutes followed by 4 minutes of comments.

Partnerships from Silicon Valley: How So Cal Investors Can Partner with VCs and Strategic Investors:
Hear from bay area firms for early stage funds on their perspectives of the  significant economic, market and competitive dynamics shaping  the bay area current investment strategies.  Learn how to work with Bay area or strategic investors as partners or investors to maximize your success.

Vertical Market Focus: Cloud Computing Trends
Hear from analysts about current trends that will impact creating a successful startup.

Acquisition Strategies are All About Timing–When is the right time to sell?
Every day we heard about large companies like Google, Facebook and Comcast acquiring  statups with unique features such as innovative technologies, massive audience reach or  highly sought after management teams.  Many companies get offers but its viewed as too low a valuation.  How do you know the right timing of when to sell, and how to evaluate an offer? What are curent trends in acquisition?
What are essential issues for both startups and acquiring companies to consider?

2:40-3:40 | Breakout Sessions
Each track will have one presentation focusing on a vertical market.  All other sessions are generic and apply to any market.

Venture Pitch II : Cloud Computing, Enterprise, IT Services
Selected  startups pitch panel of investors. Each pitch is 4 minutes followed by 4 minutes of comments.

Vertical Market Focus: Health, Wellness, Fitness, Lifestyle
Hear from analysts about current trends that will impact creating a successful startup.

Workshop:  Planning and Presenting your Pitch We address best practices for investor presentations with a focus on how to position your company as an attractive investment opportunity.  Included in this session will be the essentials for presentations to angels, venture capitalists, strategic investors, potential partners and other investment sources with samples of slides you can take home.

 3:45-4:30 | Breakout Sessions

Vertical Market Focus: Web Services, Software, Cloud Services, and Applications
Understand the marketplace landscape and how to retain customers, budget for advertising, compete with industry leaders, and increase market penetration.

Bringing an Enterprise Based Product to Market: Develop a Sales and Marketing Plan
Make sure you know what your customers want to buy,  and don’t get sidetracked on what you want to sell.  Learn how to conduct low cost market research and determine who will buy the product and why. Learn how to develop a plan to meet your objectives; determine pricing; get the most for your advertising dollars; create effective messaging; and design a powerful marketing program to drive leads.  

 Mobile Apps and Strategies for Enterprise Ventures
We explore best practices to develop a mobile app, using mobile apps to bolster your brand, revenue opportunities and cost for apps, and successful partnerships.

Designing a Business Plan and Fundraising We discuss how to organize the business plan as a critical planning tool and provide practical guidance for preparing an executive summary, including financial projections and budgets. The presenters will also discuss strategies for approaching the investment community and understanding alternative sources of funding.   

4:45-5:15 |  Venture Pitch
Three companies selected from all venture pitch sessions will give 4 minutes pitch to entire audience and  and field 4 minutes questions and comments from judges. Audience will vote on event winner.  

5:150-7:30  | Networking Reception and View Demos