Nov. 22 Summit Agenda

Kickoff Party Nov 21 6-9pm at TechLab 2040 Martin Ave Santa Clara


The  summit takes place on Nov. 22 with keynotes, breakout sessions, venture forum, and fast pitch for investors.  The venture forum sessions will be held in simultaneous tracks during the conference.  Attendees can attend conference sessions or the venture pitch presentations.

8:00 – 9:00 | Registration and Coffee

9:00-9:40 | Venture Capital Perspectives: Top Trends to Watch– What’s Hot, What’s Uncertain, and What’s Hype
Leading investors from top VC firms share their insights on the current market trends for investing.  Learn about how they select a management team, develop a revenue strategy, attract a purchases, negotiate deal terms and determine valuation. Some trends we discuss include: big data, communications,  hardware, Internet of Things, Mobile apps, crowdfunding, wearable tech, niche communities, eCommerce, and chips.

9:50-10:30 Attracting Angels and Family Funds for Early and Mid Stage Startups
Hear firsthand insights from successful angels about  current market trends and unique attributes of angels. Learn what segments are hot, what’s not, how to develop a winning revenue strategy, creating a rock star management team, negotiating deal terms, and determining valuations. Hear what type of markets they are presenting looking for investment opportunities.

| Consumer Entertainment Content and Platforms: Media, Entertainment, Games, Music and Connected Home
Understand specific  strategies for raising funding for ventures in media, games, film, TV, music, games, and entertainment startups.  What business models work best for entertainment content?  Understand how new types of connected devices will impact the delivery of content.

10:40-11:30 |Valuations, Acquisition and Expansion Strategies: Magic or Science?
Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Comcast acquire  startups for outrageous valuations with unique features such as innovative technologies, massive audience reach or  highly sought after management teams.  Many startups get offers but its viewed as too low a valuation.  How do you know the right timing of when to sell, and how to evaluate an offer?  When should you take cash? What are current trends in acquisition? What are essential issues for startups and acquiring companies to consider? How do you maximize your valuation? How does the view of the IPO market impact your investments. Before investing, you need to know the key issues related to liquidity and exit opportunities including current trends in mergers and acquisitions. How is the economy impacting IPO?  What is the outlook for financial markets to impact  exits and M&A activity.  How will investors strengthen their  interests and portfolio company growth in light of these market conditions?

10:40-11:30 | Venture Pitch Session I Judges

Handscape (5/5)
Roomio TV (4/4)
Celebrate Inc (4/4)
Appmospheric (3/2)
Hushly (3/2)

11:45-12:20  | 3 Minute Fast Pitch
Our investors are seated at the end of rows identified by their areas of interest. You sit in the row to wait your turn, and then give 3 minutes private pitch and get instant feedback.  Be prepared to hand them your card.  They will tell you if they want a follow up call or meeting.

12:20 -1:00 | Networking Lunch and Demo Tables

1:00 -1:40 | Mobile: Apps, Devices and Generating Revenue
Our experts discuss mobile developer trends, apps to watch, and successful revenue models. Includes discussion of  cloud services, cross platform devices,  API’s and impact of  HTML5. What makes a hit? What markets are most promising?  How can you acquire customers and partners? Which pricing strategies work best–freemium, subscription, and premium models? What do investors expect?

1:00 -1:40 | Business and eCommerce:  Big Data and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Payments, and Metrics
Understand the current trends shaping the enterprise markets for metrics, and  why investors are actively seeking startups in these markets.

1:00 -1:40 |Venture Pitch Session II Judges
Bartrendr (5/5)
Shop Interest (3/3)
ePaisa (3/3)
Amp Trans Motor Corp(3/2)
Opps Central IO (3/2)

| Seminar: 
Strategies to Present Your Pitch to Attract Funding

This hands on workshop will address practical strategies on raising capital from friends, family, angels and outside investors. Learn about best practices for investor presentations with a focus on how to position your company as an attractive investment opportunity.  Included in this session will be the essentials for presentations to angels, venture capitalists, strategic investors, potential partners and other investment sources with samples of slides.  It will also cover key differences in presenting to strategic vs. financial investors. Learn how to effectively deliver your message.

1:50-2:30  | Hardware: Wearable Tech, Sensors, Health and Wellness, Networked Devices
Wearable devices like Google Glasses, Pebble smart watch, and designer apparel are getting much attention. How will they impact our lifestyle? What are opportunities for using sensors in health and wellness devices?  What can we expect in the next year? Connected devices which are bluetooth enabled are now taking off,  and hardware prototypes are popping up everywhere.   Many investors are now actively seeking hardware that is compatible with software apps, such as streaming music services or content delivery. What are examples of exciting hardware innovations?  What are challenges for hardware manufacturers and testing?

1:50-2:30  | Venture Pitch Session III

My Job Chart (3/3)
Tamatura (3/3)
Simple But Needed (3/3)
iBuildApp (3/3)
Surf Dash (3/2)

2:40-3:20| Enterprise Platforms, Design, and Apps: Cloud Based Services, Software As A Service, Infrastructure, Chips, Storage

2:4o-3:20 | Consumer Internet and eCommerce: Services and Platforms, Web and Mobile

2:40-3:20 | Case Study: Top Trends for User Design and Experience
Learn about the hottest trends for creating a winning user experience for web and mobile development. Understand how to develop contextually appropriate methods towards attracting and developing top talent, user research, interface standards and improving the product experience to increase sales. View examples and case studies for current trends for creating apps, design and user interface. This session is designed for anyone developing mobile or web apps seeking to increase customer acquisition and increase revenue, both consumers and B to B. 


3:30-4:10| Partner and Investment Opportunities in Europe
Learn how global economic conditions are creating huge opportunities for expansion into Europe. Understand opportunities to receive large grants from foreign governments in exchange for establishing a presence in their country. Learn how to handle protection of intellectual property, making decisions whether to outsource for developer talent overseas; strategies to enter into or expand your startup into the foreign markets and investing opportunities.

3:30-4:10 | Case Study  Agile Development for Software Product Design and Engineering
Hotwire, Inc., an operating company of Expedia, Inc. , is the world’s largest online travel agency.  Hotwire became a leading discount travel site by selling its suppliers’ extra inventory with a unique provision: The exact airline, hotel or car rental companies are not named until after the purchase is made. This approach allowed Hotwire to avoid direct competition with its travel suppliers.  Learn about best practices for agile development when you hear the inside story on how Hotwire and Luxoft developed, designed and executed this complex project.

  • Michael Minkevich, VP Technology Services, Luxoft
  • Roman Kaplun, Director of Engineering Services, Hotwire


4:20-5:15  | Networking Reception