Conference Tracks

Our tracks are divided into market segments featuring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry executives, and thought leaders with practical ideas and advice.  Sessions include panels, keynotes, seminars and interactive  workshops where expert presenters with in depth experience in technology commercialization and new venture creation.

You will have a chance for small discussion groups, and  to share your ideas and get feedback from presenters and participants.  Most of all, you will have chance to enjoy small group discussions with your peers to exchange ideas.

Cloud/Enterprise/eCommerce – Enterprise solutions,  cloud computing, eCommerce, sales and marketing.

  • Big Data and opportunities for startups
  • Storage, hardware and IT trends
  • eCommerce, micro payments, billing solutions
Energy/Green tech/ Clean Tech-covering paths to financial success of Cleantech companies, green revolution in corporate environments and investing climate for energy companies.

  • Current investment opportunities
  • Finding strategic partners and corporate investors
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Sustainable brands and practices
Entertainment and Digital Media- Content, games, content, TV, Film, Broadcast, Web Video, Advertising, Music
  • Emerging trends, applications and opportunities for content
  • Forming partnerships with Hollywood studios and networks
  • Distribution and monetizing content for online and mobile platforms
  • Future of digital music solutions
  • Using web solutions for marketing, promotion and sales

Entrepreneur Basics – Creating a Successful Startup; expanding sales and marketing; attracting venture capital; finding customers.

  • Implications of Jobs funding act and crowdfunding for startups
  • What are essential qualifies to become a successful entrepreneur?
  • Attracting capital from angels, friends and family, and VCs
  • Using PR and social media to create buzz for your product
  • When to Pivot: How to recover from failure
  • Strategies to increase marketing and sales on a budget
  • Forming an effective management team and negotiating executive compensation

Inclusion and EquityIncreasing participation by underrepresented populations including women, minorities, over age 50, and under 22.

  • Attracting venture capital and self funding pitfalls
  • Role of educational institutions in encouraging entrepreneurial ventures
  • Challenges and opportunities for minorities (African American, Latino, Native American)
  • Access to organizations and mentorship resources
  • Hear from investors and entrepreneurs for mentoring sessions

Mobile – Mobile apps, devices, consumer and enterprise, new opportunities, marketing and distribution.

  • What are the emerging trends, applications and opportunities in mobile?
  • Considerations for deploying mobile in the enterprise.
  • How to distribute and monetize your mobile app?

Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofits –

  • Connecting services and apps for social good
  • Using technologies for fundraising
  • Partnerships with NGOs and government

Social Media – Social media marketing, Facebook apps,  Local and  location based services, Advertising.

  • Social gaming: The next frontier
  • How is commerce impacted by social media?
  • Where are the opportunities to invest in social?