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We are seeking investors who are  VCs, angels, strategic investors, successful startups, or investment banks to speak on panel or judge pitch sessions.  Judges must be engaged in investing their own funds or funds from their organization for these categories:

  • Angel investor
  • Strategic or corporate investor
  • Venture capitalist
  • Investment banker
  • Private equity investor
  • Government
  • Academic

If you are an investor and speak on one of the following categories, you will receive a Deluxe comp ticket to attend with meals and the cocktail party. We will also have several sessions specifically focused on issues relevant to investors which are listed in the agenda.

We request each speaker either join a panel and/or judge a venture pitch, and if possible, also agree to hear pitches during the speed networking for one hour at the end of the day. However, this is not required.

Here are speaking options you can indicate. We encourage Innvestors to select two options to maximize their presence.

1. Speak on panel for program
2. Serve as judge for public venture forum to hear 5 minute pitches
3. Serve as investor for one hour to hear 2 ½ minute pitches during speed networking session
4.  Hear private pitches in 10 minute sessions

1. Speak on Panel for Program

View the agenda. We have several sessions focused on investor education. Select a panel where you can speak as a panelist, or give a presentation.   We select speakers with fresh ideas, real-world strategies, and practical hands on insights.  There is no charge for speaking, and speakers are selected based on expertise, experience, customers and partnerships, and press exposure. 

2. Apply to Judge Venture Forum:
During the Venture Pitch, 20 pre-selected companies can pitch to a panel of venture capitalists, angel investors, and strategic investors.  The judges evaluate the pitches and investment prospects for the company.  There is no fee to apply or pitch.   You will listen to five minute pitches with a panel of judges, and then give 5 minutes feedback to the entrepreneurs. The top companies will pitch during the conference.

3. Quick Pitch Speed Networking (One Hour with break):
At end of day, startups can stand in line and give 2 1/2 minutes pitch to investors or corporate partners. If you speak on a session, we suggest you also agree to hear these pitches for one hour. At the end of the session, investors rate companies on scale of 1-5 of those you are most interested in funding. We will refer them to apply to TCA.

4. 10 Minute Pitch Meetings (One Hour with break):
This session is scheduled in advance and Pre selected startups get 10 minute meetings with you in a room. These are strictly timed, and designed to give feedback to entrepreneurs.

You can either send us an email with your bio, contact info, and areas of investment experience,  OR fill out the form below.  We try to respond to an email with a reply.  If you have not heard from us within a week, please feel free to follow up with an email or a call (310.736.1541)

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